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About Eurocups

Paper cups Europe: Are you looking for standard or custom made disposable paper cups ?

Eurocups  has always THE solution for you (and if not, we look further) always to help you, to make your brand!

We have a network for printed paper (coffee) cups, paper ice cream cups and paper food cups produced in Europe. We make brands ! In Europe we can help wholesale and end users with disosable paper cups.


Through my company Bruinsma United I have agencies or close cooperations with many producers of cups and other food packaging in the world ( like Europe, Asia and America) and the good thing about that is, that you buy directly from the producer!

So with Bruinsma United I have a worldwide network of brands in the field of cups and food packaging. My network is also interesting for you, so I would like to talk to you about paper cups and food packaging.

Welcome to our website and call us, email us, we are waiting to the quotation and service for you.

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Paper cups made in Europe

So If you’d like any help in choosing the right cup for your situation, please feel free to contact us